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Infinity dodecahedron puts on a mesmerizing light show

If you’ve ever stood in an elevator with mirrored walls and saw your reflection bouncing back and forth endlessly, then you’ve experienced an “infinity mirror” from the inside. If you were standing outside of the elevator and one of the walls were a one-way mirror, you’d be able to peer inside as the interior lights reflect forever. That’s the infinity mirror concept, which ThomasJ152 implemented with his laser-cut infinity dodecahedron.

This is an infinity mirror in the form of a dodecahedron, which is a regular polyhedron with 12 sides. Each face is a one-way mirror facing inwards, so light inside reflects while the user can see through the faces. The frame, which follows the edges between faces, contains inward-facing LEDs. The light from those LEDs bounces off the of them mirrors inside the dodecahedron, resulting in an interesting lighting effect. That effect is enhanced by the animations of the RGB LEDs.

ThomasJ152 constructed the dodecahedron’s body using laser-cut acrylic sheet and plywood. One-way mirror film on the acrylic reflects the light. That light comes from strips of WS2812B individually addressable RGB LEDs. An Arduino Nano Every board controls those LEDs. At this time, the Arduino sketch is simple and cycles through different LED animation effects. That looks pretty cool, but it would also be possible to create custom animations that take advantage of the dodecahedron shape.


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