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3 Ways Volleyball Registration Software Enables Growth

Running a successful volleyball academy requires a lot of effort and time. From organizing events, promoting your business, handling registrations and team payments, and more, coaches and staff members often find that they have very little time left to do what they love – coaching and developing their athletes. Add on top of that multiple tools to try to manage different aspects of your business, and you’re left stressed, confused, and frustrated.

At Upper Hand, our goal is to give you time and energy back in your day to focus on the parts of the business you enjoy: training your athletes. Our volleyball registration software streamlines business processes so that you can prioritize delivering professional-level training to your athletes, while also scaling your revenue and client base.

Here are a few of the ways Upper Hand’s volleyball scheduling software enables growth for volleyball coaches and trainers:

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3 ways volleyball scheduling software will grow your business

1. Streamline athlete registration

The first experience a volleyball athlete, or their parents, has with your brand is during the athlete registration process. That means, you need to make a great first impression. At Upper Hand, we understand the importance of making the athlete registration process seamless for volleyball academies. Our platform simplifies the registration process by offering a convenient way for athletes or their parents to book different programs, such as lessons, clinics, camps, and more, through the website or mobile app. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication, making it easier for clients to sign up. And, as a result, this leads to an increase in your client base. Furthermore, taking registration online eliminates the need for manual tracking of rosters, attendance sheets, and client sessions, making your life much easier.

I love the camp/clinic registration feature, as it significantly helps reduce time I spend processing registrations and payments. Additionally, I love the messaging feature, as it allows me to send mass marketing e-mails and messages to our entire team of athletes, parents and coaches. Lastly, I love that I am able to access Upper Hand through the mobile app, as I am always on the go and often need to be able to schedule or process a payment when I am away from my computer.

– Tina Buck, Owner, Buck Fastpitch Softball Academy

2. Easily accept and track payments

In addition to efficient registration, Upper Hand’s volleyball registration software also makes it easy for you to stay on top of your finances. If you’re looking to collect online registrations, or even collect team payments, Upper Hand makes it easy to stay on top of your hard-earned revenue. This allows you to spend less time tracking down missing payments or having uncomfortable conversations about money, and more time growing your athletes and your business.

In addition to managing the money you have coming in to your business, a sports software is also an essential tool when it comes to managing money that is going out; namely, calculating payroll for your staff and coaches.

Between online payment tools and advanced financial reports, you are able to see a full view of your payments and balances in real time, giving you a look into the overall health of your business.

My larger clinics run so much smoother when I can have all of my clients pay ahead of time rather than collecting fees at the clinic. Also, the customization of events is incredibly useful.

– Taila Schluter, Owner, Maximum Technique Soccer Academy

3. Streamline client communication

Another way to grow your volleyball training academy is through communication with your athletes and parents. Upper Hand makes this easy by enabling you and your staff to send auto-reminders for upcoming events, as well as disseminate important event details. For example, a few days before a clinic, you may want to send a reminder email, such as “Can’t wait to see you next Wednesday! Don’t forget to bring your knee pads, a water bottle, and a snack.”

Additionally, you can use Upper Hand’s contact marketing to send a targeted email to athletes who attended previous clinics to encourage them to sign up for upcoming ones. By eliminating third-party marketing email platforms or spreadsheets, you’re able to easily manage your contacts within the volleyball scheduling software.

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“Upper Hand has really helped Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems grow, tripling in the last year. By having a way to keep track of my community of players, we are able to get in contact easier, which in turn, keeps our clients abreast of all our different training offerings.”

– John Plaugic, Owner, Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems

Ready to implement a volleyball registration software?

Volleyball registration software can help you streamline and simplify your business tasks, so that you’re able to spend your time working with your athletes. Volleyball training academies of all sizes can benefit from using a sports registration software to automate manual tasks like clinic registration, team payments, and more. Additionally, it can provide an easy, accessible way for your athletes and their parents to register and pay for lessons, camps, and clinics from their fingertips. If you’re interested in learning more about how Upper Hand will fit into your business model, connect with us!


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