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Signature by Khazana: An Indian restaurant like no other

If you find yourself in search of an authentic Indian dining experience, look no further than Signature by Khazana. Nestled in the heart of Gulshan and unveiled on the 12th of July, this culinary gem beckons to all enthusiasts of Indian cuisine. A brainchild of Khazana Hospitality Ltd, Signature by Khazana emerges as a conduit to channel the very essence of Indian gastronomy into the vibrant landscape of Bangladesh.

Stepping over the threshold of this establishment, your senses will immediately be immersed in an ambiance that mirrors the opulent heritage of Indian culinary artistry. The opulent furnishings, the meticulously curated decor, and the interplay of soft lighting have been meticulously orchestrated to envelop over 200 guests in an environment of comfort and refinement. For those seeking an intimate setting, a private dining room stands ready to embrace special occasions. The affable and attentive staff stand as sentinels of service, ensuring an indelible impression on your gastronomic journey.

"Our aspiration is to unfurl the tapestry of Indian culinary diversity before you through our establishment. Indian Cuisine, as you're aware, is an embodiment of myriad traditions, with each state and city offering its own interpretation of the flavors we hold dear. Our endeavor is to recreate this authenticity and present it to you with unparalleled quality," articulated Avishek Sinha, the CEO of Signature by Khazana.

The crowning jewel of Signature by Khazana rests in its eclectic array of dishes sourced from the kaleidoscope of Indian cultures and regions. Curated by the masterful touch of Rajesh Joshi, a culinary virtuoso who has lent his expertise to prestigious names such as Taj and ITC Hotels, the menu takes shape as a symphony of flavors poised to captivate your taste buds and senses alike.

Embarking on this culinary voyage, you'll be tempted by a plethora of signature offerings. For a burst of flavor that dances between crispy and tangy, indulge in the Delhi Papri Chaat. If succulent morsels are your desire, the Chapli Kabab beckons. And for those brave enough to embrace the heat, the Punjabi Chilli Chicken awaits. Delve further and you'll uncover the Mutton Nalli Barra Kabab, a succulent lamb chop companioned by the Patiala Murgh, a velvety chicken curry. Your choices extend to the Mutton Bhuna Masala and the Malabar Prawn Curry, each a tantalizing exploration for your palate. These delights harmonize with an array of rice, bread, desserts, and salads, completing your gastronomic sojourn.

Yet, the experience at Signature by Khazana transcends the delectable spread. With each bite, you also contribute to the noble cause of Amar Joti special school, a beacon of hope for children with special needs. A portion of every sale finds its way to support their rehabilitation and education.

Gazing ahead, Avishek Sinha unveils a tapestry of plans for the restaurant's future. "Our vision includes hosting vivacious food festivals that illuminate the multifaceted cuisines of various Indian states. A luncheon thali and an exquisite high tea menu are on the horizon, promising further delights. This is merely the inaugural chapter; our aspirations extend to branching across Dhaka and beyond."

In the realm of gastronomy, Signature by Khazana beckons as more than just a restaurant; it emerges as an oasis where the heritage of Indian culinary treasures finds a welcoming abode

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