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“I don’t have time to eat breakfast” or “I’m just not hungry in the morning” are excuses people make for not eating what we all know is the most important meal of the day.  Breakfast does more than just refuel your body for the day ahead; it can have positive effects on your mood, energy level, and even help with weight loss.

Upon waking in the morning, your body has literally been deprived for of nutrition for hours. What does this mean?  For one, your metabolism is not at its peak because starvation mode slows bodily functions to maintain the energy stores necessary for survival.  This can cause a wide range of problems, such as poor mood, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.  Numerous studies have proven that children who eat breakfast do better in school, while children who skip the morning meal score lower on standardized tests and have more behavioral problems.

You may think that skipping a meal can help you reach your weight loss goals, but the reality is that people who eat breakfast lose more weight and are more successful at maintaining a healthy weight than those who skip.  In fact, eating a nutritious breakfast can help you stay on track all day and most breakfast eaters consume less total calories each day than breakfast skippers. Not eating in the morning can actually encourage binge eating later in the day because you are trying to compensate for the long hours of hunger!

f you cannot stomach the idea of food upon waking, wait a little while before eating.  Eat foods that will give you energy but are not so heavy that they make you feel sick.  Peanut butter on toast, an egg, nuts, or a small piece of cheese are great sources of protein to kick start your energy; add a little fruit to round out the meal.   In a rush?  A fruit and yogurt smoothie or protein shake can boost your metabolism on the go.

If you already eat breakfast each day, kudos to you!  If not, why not give it a shot?  Wake a few minutes earlier in the morning to allow extra time to eat at home, or prepare a simple breakfast the night before to take to work or school.  You might just be amazed at the difference a little morning fuel can make!


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