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 Have you ever said to someone, “I don’t have time to exercise.  After work, I’m just too tired!”

Your 12 hour work day may help you earn that promotion but it isn’t doing much for your metabolism. Do you need a workout that will be compatible with your demanding work schedule?  If your career requires that you spend breakfast, lunch and dinner at your desk (as well as the hours in between) then it may be time to reassess how you can get fit while still meeting your deadline. Whether you’re confined by a 6 X 6 ft. office cubicle or you’re fortunate enough to work in a spacious office, here’s how to maximize your office space in order to be as healthy as possible, even if you only have a ten minute break to do it in.

Buddy up.  The trick to avoiding obesity is constant movement. So, how do you incorporate some cardio into your desk job? By staying motivated with a ‘walking buddy’ during your lunch hour. The good news is this: if you need to bring more exercise into your work day, it’s a guarantee that at least five other of your co-workers need to as well. Not only is walking a great cardio boost, but it will decrease the daily stress of your job, increase the office morale and allow you to skip right over that 3pm energy slump.

Keep a water bottle close at hand. One of the easiest, healthiest ways to improve your diet, curb cravings and keep up your energy level is by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure you stay productive and alert – even during that Monday morning meeting.

Multitask during your break. It may be tempting to work through your 10 minute breaks when you are under a deadline, but try not to. Not only does a mental break away from the computer allow you to be more productive when you return from it, but it’s an easy way to burn some calories when you don’t have much time to spare. Take a quick walk around the office once or twice, and you’ll feel ready to tackle your next project with gusto.

Use your office chair to exercise your ab muscles. Think of your desk chair as your greatest core strengthening tool. Get your abs in shape while talking to clients on the phone, writing emails or creating spreadsheets. Start by leaning forward, contracting your abs while breathing out.  Repeat as many times throughout the day as possible for a strong core.

Resist the office donuts. Offices are notorious for high calorie, sugary breakfasts (although you appreciate the nice sentiment from your boss). If you start your workday with a sugary treat, you have a greater chance of eating poorly throughout the day. Substitute the donut for a high fiber choice instead. As a bonus, you’ll be more equipped to handle the pressures of your work day with ease and confidence

When it comes to getting fit (with hardly any time left in the day to do so), all it takes is a creative, think-outside-the-box mentality. Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to lifting weights at the gym, taking a spin class or running on the treadmill. By using your office equipment, 10 minute breaks and healthy snacking, even workaholics can get fit – all without leaving the workplace to do so.

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