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Think you can’t exercise while pregnant? Think again!  In a normal, low-risk pregnancy, exercise is safe and beneficial as long as you follow a few important guidelines:  Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program, especially when pregnant.  Never overdo it or allow your heart rate to become too elevated.  Drink plenty of water and take frequent rest breaks.  Stick to light weights when strength training; choose low weights with more repetitions instead of heavy weights and fewer repetitions.   Never lie flat on your back during exercise, which can be especially dangerous in the third trimester.  Never participate in any contact sports.

A good, safe exercise program can give you energy during pregnancy and even contribute to an easier delivery.  Exercise also helps you gain baby weight at a healthier pace.  Want to be a fit mom? Try these 3 workouts for the best results:


Yoga is known to reduce stress, help with relaxation, improve breathing and heart rate, and strengthen muscles – all helpful when delivering a baby!  Most yoga poses are safe, but avoid any poses that require you to stretch your pelvic muscles, lie flat on your back, twist or turn drastically, or could cause you to lose your balance.  And Bikram yoga, where you sweat it out in temperatures up to 105 degrees?  Don’t even think about it!

Best poses for pregnancy: Cat-Cow, Warrior, Tree, and Cobbler’s Pose


Sounds simple, but walking is one of the best low-impact exercises around, especially for beginners.  Start off slowly and increase your time and distance as you build up your endurance.  Always walk at a comfortable pace.   When temperatures are extreme, walking on a treadmill inside is your safest option.  Shoes are important, too:  make sure you wear athletic shoes that fit correctly and give extra ankle support.


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