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13 Quick Wins for Sports Business Owners

Have you ever felt like you’ve been extremely busy all day only to check nothing…or maybe one thing…off your to-do list?

I know I’ve been there.

Between training athletes every day and focusing on your long-term growth strategy, it can sometimes feel like you haven’t had a business “win” in a while.

How can you shake that often deflating feeling?

A quick win is a small actionable task that has an immediate impact. Often “quick” and simple in scope, they can drive momentum as well as give your business a boost.

So, what are some simple things you can do today to give your sports facility or training academy a win? Here are 13 ideas to get you started:

13 Quick Wins for Sports Business Owners

Marketing Quick Wins

1. Send an email blast for a new program. Whether you’ve just announced a new program for next month or you have an event coming up later this week, send out a marketing email with event details and a link to register. Depending on the timeline for the event, this will help you encourage early sign ups, or give one final push to register.

2. Clean up your client list. When is the last time you’ve taken a look at your client database? Spend a few minutes to look at when people have last visited your business. If they haven’t participated in a while, you have a few options: archive them from your mailing lists, or consider sending them an exclusive offer that will encourage them to sign up for a new program.

3. Update your website. Conduct a quick audit of your website and update any information and links as needed. Make it easy for your clients to find and purchase your programs. Remove old or outdated programs and add new ones. Direct prospects and clients to your sports scheduling software to sign up. Likewise, if you’ve brought in a new coach or trainer to your team, be sure to add their bio to the website so that your athletes can learn more about the names and faces they’ll see in training.

4. Create a custom coupon code or promotion. To get a final push and boost in sales, consider sending out a year-end promo or discount. For example, you can offer a discount on private lessons scheduled in the next month. Or, send a promotion or discount to your dormant clients – those who haven’t trained at your business for a while.

Financial Quick Wins

5. Balance your books by collecting outstanding balances. Run a report to identify the clients with any outstanding balances tied to their account. Especially as you head into the end of the year, you may consider trying to balance your books by collecting as many of those outstanding balances as possible. For those clients who may have a longstanding balance, consider sending a reminder and/ or deadline to pay them down. This will help you head into the new year with all of your hard-earned revenue, so you can start fresh in 2023.

Note: With Upper Hand’s sports management software, customers can pay their own balances down, making it even easier to collect outstanding payments.

6. Update your pricing. Based on your attendance, most popular offerings, and more, you may also spend some time re-evaluating your pricing structure. Additionally, if you don’t already offer memberships, you may consider packaging some of your benefits into an auto-renewing membership.

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7. Sell or donate old equipment. As you update and upgrade your technology and equipment, is your old equipment starting to collect dust? Consider selling this old equipment or donating it to a local charity. Unused equipment may be taking up valuable space, which in turn can cost you revenue. This can help you give a little financial boost while also helping you maximize the use of your spaces.

Business Management Quick Wins

8. Keep your Google Business Profile up to date. From your business hours and website to your address and phone number, it’s important that you keep your online business presence accurate and up-to-date. If you don’t already have a Google Business Profile, here’s how you can claim and verify your business.

9. Clean your facility. Between coaching, managing check-ins, leading your staff, and enjoying your home life, sometimes the daily cleaning tasks associated with being a sports business owner can pile up. I don’t know about you, but when my house is clean and put together, I feel like I can take on the world. The same applies to your business. Clean off your front desk, wipe down your equipment, and clean your training areas, bathrooms, lockers, etc. This will not only help you feel more put together, but will also leave your clients with a positive impression.

10. Declutter your facility. In addition, you can also clean out old files to declutter your office and help you stay more organized. Furthermore, as we previously mentioned, remove any outdated links from your website, and archive past events within your sports management software.

11. Give clients clear ways to communicate with your business. In addition to keeping your Google Business Profile updated, you should also give clients clear ways to communicate with your business. Whether on your website or within your sports registration software, share up-to-date contact information, information on the best way to reach out to your business, and set response expectations.

Leadership Quick Wins

12. Reward your top performing employees. As a sports business owner, it is your responsibility to empower yoour team. Celebrate your team and give praise where due. Give a shoutout for going the extra mile, or recognize the person who sold the most memberships. Finding small ways to show appreciation for your coaches/ trainers and staff members will help you boost morale and instill a strong, positive company culture.

13. Encourage creativity among your team. Provide an outlet or opportunity for your staff members to contribute to your business roadmap. Listen to their ideas for upcoming programs, or their feedback on your new membership offering. Make time or an outlet for creative thinking and sharing of new ideas.


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