Why people put their hands in the mouth, how to avoid

Why people put their hands in the mouth, how to avoid
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Why are so many people not accepting it despite so many warnings and warnings about coronavirus infection? Coronavirus spreads quickly when it comes to the eyes, mouth and nose. Enters the human body. Wherever you go or go, at home or on the road, these suggestions that most people dislike will not be seen.

Scientists say, it is not just the nature of the people of Bangladesh or of a particular country. Some of the basic behaviors of human beings, one of the most frequent is to give a hand. Because, before the earth, the mother is in the stomach of the mother for a few minutes after the eyes are placed in the mouth. Since ancient times, humans and other large animals have also started giving their mouths to protect against insects. Even when depressed, when angry, people put a hand on their mouth when expressing surprise.

Mary Louise McLeus, a researcher at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, conducted a study on the use of human faces in 2012. It is seen that the average person hands his mouth 23 times. Another team of researchers monitors common human behavior on a subway in Washington, USA. An observation made by them unconsciously found that an average person was giving his mouth more than three times.

But at this time of the outbreak of coronavirus, these suggestions must be followed. Therefore, researchers and health experts have given some suggestions to stop hand-eyeing. Not only coronavirus, other viruses and bacteria can also spread through the mouth. As a result, one must refrain from hand-to-mouth and eyes to survive in this critical situation and to protect one’s health.

Experts first advise on this is to keep a two-handed finger fist when sitting or lying down. Trying to talk or walk while in a fist. In such cases, the fists of the hands can be thrown at times. As a result, shake two hands in succession. Release the two hands and hold them again for a while.

Experts talk about eye glasses as a second suggestion. Even if the finger goes out of the eye, it will be obstructed. If you practice eye glasses throughout the day, your eyesight will gradually decrease. Experts have suggested using a face mask as a third suggestion. The virus will not enter the mouth from the hand.

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