While cardio exercise is an obvious choice for runners!

Strength coaching for Runners
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While cardio exercise is a noticeable alternative for runners, strength coaching will play a crucial role in up running technique and speed. Strength coaching conjointly facilitates to make muscle which can help in protective joints, ligaments, and tendons within the body.

Muscular imbalances occur thanks to posture changes and overuse of specific muscles. These imbalances have an effect on the alignment of the body, and once running during this state these problems square measure solely cheesed off. Strength coaching will facilitate to rebalance the muscles and aline the body. In turn, running performance is going to be dramatically improved.

Strength exercises to be performed one when the opposite during a circuit and perennial four times:

Single leg gluteus muscle bridge:
Lie on your back together {with your|along with your} knees bent and with your feet close with soles on the ground. Raise one leg and stretch it straight out ahead. raise your hips off the ground till there’s a line from knee to move. interact with your glutes and core before returning back to the beginning. Repeat for twelve reps then repeat on the opposite leg.

Single leg sits to stand:
Sit on a bench or chair and lift one leg off the ground. during a controlled movement get up on the remaining leg and squeeze your glutes as you reach the highest. With balance, lean forward a touch and sit back as if squatting till your Saturday backtrack. Repeat for twelve reps and so repeat on the opposite leg.

The plank:
Lie on your front together {with your|along with your} elbows bent and with your weight resting on your forearms. Tuck your toes below, and conjointly tuck your hips below to have interaction each your core and glutes. raise your hips and knees off the ground till your hips square measure at shoulder level. Hold for sixty seconds making certain that your lower back doesn’t drop.

Side Plank:
Lie on your aspect together {with your|along with your} elbow bent and with your weight resting on your forearm. raise your hips off the ground till your body is straight from head to toe. interact your core and glutes and hold for thirty seconds. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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