Whether you need to buy terpenes for CBD, THC?

Whether you need to buy terpenes for CBD, THC
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buy terpenes for CBD, THC

Cannabis Cup Winner 1st Place- Best CBD Concentrate

Blue Forest Farms had chosen to infuse their Cherry Pie Shatter with Peak Supply Co’s Organic flavored Cherry Pie Terpene Blend winning #1 First Place under the CBD Concentrate category at Seattle Cannabis Cup!

Taste The Opportunity

Peak Supply Co has a TRUE new twist for the terpene industry. Breaking away from the same old boring strain-specific terpenes and products that most companies have been offering for years. Imagine an organic infused terpene blend where you can taste and smell real Cherry Pie while you indulge yourself into its flakey pastry crust and sweet-tart cherries. Or maybe a London Pound Cake? Imagine dipping into a buttery cake with just a hint of lemon that is reminiscent of old fashioned London bakeries. Giving peak pleasure to everyone who indulges in our organic flavored blends.

Rapid Growth with Client Satisfaction
Growth & Success lay in the hands of your consumer clients.
The People have spoken.

74% of all Peak Supply Co sales are returning customers
Huge every growing selection to meet every need
Consistent communication & superior customer support
Helping companies innovate new products instead of following old trends
Collaborating across multiple industries sharing the Peak Supply Co experience
Superior quality and pricing structures

Peak Supply Co Terpenes Are Spreading Across

No longer are terpenes just found within the cannabis industry but sweeping into the health, hemp, food and beverage markets. With the launch of consumer-based products fast approaching, soon customers will be able to enjoy the smells and other benefits of Terpene infused essential oil blends, terpene supplements, and more! Peak Supply Co has a growing list of companies that have introduced terpene infusion into their existing product lines. Terpenes can improve food, beverages, aromatherapy, daily health topicals & tinctures. The opportunities are endless and we are seeing new product ideas happen every day.
Getting Started with Peak Supply Co

Whether you need to buy terpenes for CBD, THC, or any other Edible/Beverage product infusions, we’ve got you covered. If this information has gotten your attention and you want to start the process, you may reach out by phone or email to set up a free consultation.

Media Contact: Jake Matthews
Email: info@peaksupplyco.com
Phone: (818) 308-6227
Website: peaksupplyco.com

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