What to do to increase immunity

What to do to increase immunity
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So far, there is no vaccine, no recognized drug to prevent covidovirus-induced disease Covid-19. Therefore, in this critical period, there is a great need to increase the body’s resistance to disease. To increase the body’s resistance to disease, you must first activate your own lymphocytes. Here is what to do:

On the advice of a doctor, you can take multivitamin, zinc, vitamin ‘C’ every day at this time. Or eat more of the foods that contain them.

Protein-rich fish-meat, milk, eggs increase the body’s immunity. In addition to this, two types of khichuri mixed with dal are eaten regularly.

If the cavid is infected, there is shortness of breath at one stage. So do breathing exercises to increase lung function. Take a deep breath and exhale. Thus meditate a few times every day.

Kalijira eat a little every day. Drink enough pure water. Researchers say that when coronavirus enters the stomach, it dies from stomach acid. Lately, however, some corona patients have been diagnosed with diarrhea because of genetic mutations in the coronavirus, some of which are acid-borne. As a result, some patients with Kavid have symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Avoid any cold foods (ice cream, cold drinks, etc.).

Drink ginger tea, lemon tea and green tea regularly at least three times a day. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants, which are helpful for the body.

Differences in the taste and smell of food are also seen as early symptoms of corona. Choose some foods to enhance the taste.

Good sleep boosts the body’s immunity. For this, sleep at least eight hours every day.

Corona does not have panic or anxiety at all. Always try to be cheerful and cheerful.

Do at least half an hour of free hand exercise from home every day.

Stay at home all the time. Wear a face mask when you go out in an emergency. Because there is no way to know if anyone else in the neighborhood is a potential carrier.

Hand washing taps are being installed in some hospitals, offices and public places. While this is a good initiative, be careful when using these items in public places. In this case it is better to call the sensor. The water falls as soon as it comes close to the hand; There is no fear of infection as the tape does not touch. If necessary, you can keep hand sanitizer or hexisol in your pocket.

Above all, never touch your nose, mouth or eyes with your hands. Even if you have coronavirus in your hand, you are safe as long as you do not touch that nose, mouth and eyes.

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