Urinary tract infections, causes and cure

Urinary tract infections, causes and cure
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In short, UTI or urinary tract infection is a most common bacterial infection in women and men. Symptoms can be seen in all cases of urinary tract infection. There may be no symptoms again. It may or may not turn into a complex infection.

Once infected, the infection can eventually lead to kidney infection or pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection or cystitis. So knowing that this is a problem would not be fair to harass in any way. Then find out why the urinary tract is infected. And what are the symptoms.

Why: UTI can occur for a variety of reasons. External infections in men and women in the urinary tract are a common risk factor for spreading infections from surgical instruments, although this does not happen in our country.

The common causes of this infection in young women are, for genetic reasons, when the mother is infected with the disease, long pressing urine, having sex in unhealthy or filthy environment, diaphragm and sperm destroyer. If the urinary tract is less than 5 years and the urinary tract is narrow or more narrow.

In older women, their extra age increases their risk of the disease. In older men, who have various diseases in the testicles or prostate and develop urinary tract infections, they are more prone to UTI.

In the case of young people, they have the disease, whose partner is infected, those who are in the closet and those who have not been circumcised. Children’s disease is usually caused by a second-stage infection from the neighborhood.

The microorganisms that are responsible for this UTI are Esherichia coli, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Proteus mirabilis and Klebsiella pneumonia.There are no symptoms for many of the urinary tract infections, but for many there are different symptoms. The most commonly seen symptom is frequent as well as painful urination. It can also cause abdominal pain.

These symptoms can suddenly appear in a healthy normal person who is completely healthy in all other respects. Generally, newborns may have symptoms such as fever, discomfort, vomiting or indigestion and jaundice.

Many people who have to use catheterization (catheterization directly from the urinary tract through syringes and pipes) for various reasons, may have symptoms within a few days after the procedure.If the symptoms of the disease can be detected by urine and blood tests, it is difficult to diagnose the disease without continuous urine. At present, the disease is also detected by X-ray and ultrasound tests in the kidney.

Medical- If you do not have any symptoms of UTI, then treatment is not necessary, as the body can cure the disease for a few days with its own immune system. But women need proper treatment during pregnancy.

UTI may also require treatment if it is infected. ”Although UTI appears to be a minor disease, prolonged seizures can result in septic shock and kidney infections, which none of us desire.

In our country, especially women, shame is spreading this disease day by day. But its treatment is extremely accessible. Again, with the slightest caution, it is possible for women to get rid of the disease, to keep the genitals always clean and dry, to not use spermicidal gel or cream and to change the catheter regularly for catheter users.

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