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We use yogurt with cornflakes and breakfast food, aboard fresh fruits throughout breakfast and at the same time as the most ingredient in some salads. Sometimes, we tend to hear regarding the advantages of applying bound foods onto our skin, however square measure the advantages of yogurt extremely true, or simply another passing tale?

Yogurt contains carboxylic acid, that aids within the healing method of our skin from harsh ingredients. yoghurt will build your skin feel contemporary, new and free your face of impurities! however before attempting it out, confirm you take a look at out the yoghurt on your skin first! Apply yoghurt to a awfully little space on your face and look ahead to quarter-hour. If all is sweet, you’ll be able to proceed and take a look at out one in all our DIY face care remedies!

1)Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
When you use yogurt as a face mask, it works on tightening and removing dead skin – and removes the appearance of dark circles with consistent use!

To use yogurt as a scrub, you’ll be able to combine a pair of tablespoons of yoghurt with a tablespoon of oats. Afterwards, you’ll be able to merely unfold it everywhere your face and neck, giving your skin a much-needed massage in circular motions. Leave the yogurt mask on for quarter-hour, then rinse off!

2) Battles skin disease
Much like the method you’d apply dentifrice on a symptom and look ahead to it to pop, you’ll be able to apply some yogurt to a symptom and look ahead to quarter-hour. once that, you’ll be able to wash the yogurt with heat water (never hot water). try this often, around three times per week, so as to visualize an obvious distinction.

3) Makes your Skin Glow – with Lemon
Acne would possibly cause scarring, and yoghurt will facilitate cut back the looks of those blemishes. after you use yoghurt as a mask, you facilitate cut back blemishes and your skin glows before long after! simply combine yoghurt with juice and apply on blemishes or affected areas. once quarter-hour from the applying, wash with heat water, and watch your face radiate! The addition of juice conjointly helps to exfoliate your skin.

4) Yogurt Saves your Feet
Sometimes, we tend to simply don’t have time to travel to a spa and treat ourselves with a pedicure. But now, you’ll be able to dampen And soften your cracked heels with an ingredient sitting in your refrigerator. All you have got to try and do is apply some yoghurt to your heels, look ahead to simply ten minutes, and rinse off! the advantages of yoghurt for skin square measure fascinating that way; yoghurt will work as a moisturizer, scrub, face wash so a lot of more!

5) Hydrates the remainder of Your Skin
The carboxylic acid in yoghurt acts as a hydrating agent, that helps battle cracks and dryness! Keep your skin hydrous and feed it what it needs!

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