The use of aloe vera for shiny hair.

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The use of aloe vera in hair care is nothing new. There are many qualities in Aloe vera. One of these acts as a conditioner to enhance the brightness of the hair. In addition to this, it is excellent for preventing itching and preventing itching. Let’s know how to use it –

  1. To remove the scent, you can mix alveolar with Mehendi leaves in your hair.
  2. If the head is hot all the time, then the leaves become cold once the shampoo rules the palate.
  3. Rub the aloe vera on the palate and leave it for an hour. Hair will stop falling and new hair will grow.
  4. Half an hour before shampoo, it is good for alewife juice. It reduces hair fall significantly. It is also helpful in reducing dandruff. Allegra contains an ingredient called alumina, which helps to prolong hair. Apart from this, you can also make alveolar conditioning at home.

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