The Power of Fragrance, and Launching Her Own Clean Perfume Line

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Raised by a family of smokers, as a toddler she sought-after respite from the ash-gray miasma of her home by avowed into a neighbor’s garden and swiping recent roses, enthusiastic about their aroma. As Associate in Nursing actor, she’s used the nuances of smell to urge into character, most evocatively for her role in 2002’s White poisonous plant as personality disorder writer and mother, Ingrid Magnanimous.

“In the book, she continuously wore a lilac scent,” explains Pfeiffer, outfitted in a very black suit as dextrously cut as her illustrious cheekbones. “I did not like it, however I wore it [while shooting] as a result of albeit you do not love your character, you’ve got to embody them. Of all the elements I’ve compete, that was in all probability the foremost sad i would felt in a very role. The neural structure runs aboard the memory a part of the brain and that i could not wait to urge out of that skin.”

Pfeiffer became a fine fragrance enthusiast as her career ascended in Hollywood, however once she became a mother, she began to rethink several aspects of her lifestyle—including the perfumes she was mistreatment to decorate her wrists and neckline.

“I began to require a better check out the merchandise i used to be exposing my youngsters to,” she explains. “And round the same time, my father and my succor were diagnosed with cancer. thus it had been a true get up entail Pine Tree State, and dramatically modified my read of health.”

One day she stumbled upon the Environmental operating Group’s Skin Deep information, that creates on-line profiles for cosmetics and private care merchandise, honing in on their potential hazards. “I went down the rabbit burrow and once deep diving into totally different fragrances, the EWG would continuously flag them as terribly high hazard.

So, of course, I took that to mean fragrance should be very cyanogenic. I really, very pet fragrance, however as a result of I couldn’t make sure it had been safe, I gave it up for ten years.” Eventually, however, Pfeiffer questioned whether or not there was a solution—and if she may have a hand in shaping it.

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