The 9 things that are needed to survive coronavirus

The 9 things that are needed to survive coronavirus
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Coronavirus is widespread now. The new virus is spreading from the Wuhan region of China. Meanwhile, 106 people have died in China. Another 4,193 people were affected.

Previous symptoms of the virus:

  • Cold
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sneeze
  • Exhaustion
  • Shortness of breath

Here are 9 things that are required to survive coronavirus:

  • Use a mask outside the room
  • Try to avoid mass transit
  • Drink plenty of fruit juice and enough water
  • Back home, wash your hands thoroughly with handwash or soap
  • Eat something or wash it well before cooking
  • Bake well when cooking eggs or meat
  • Wash dirty clothes quickly
  • Clean up regular living rooms and work places
  • Do not leave the door, windows open, unnecessarily

Treatment: There is no good treatment for this disease till now. First, the patient should be kept separate so that the infection does not spread. He has to be admitted to the infectious hospital. The hospital provides medical treatment for infectious diseases through specially trained doctors and carers. Among the drugs that have been used against coronaviruses so far are Pro tease inhibitors, such as Enveloper and Detonator agents. Interferon has been used on experimental animals (for pneumonia patients). The results of human use have not been known yet and no vaccine has been discovered against the disease. However, efforts have begun.

Disease prevention is easier and cheaper than cure: until now we do not know the exact mechanism of the disease. However, it is known that the disease is transmitted from person to person. We now also know that the disease has been exposed in healthy people 10/12 days after the virus has entered. But before exposure to the symptoms, he got infected as the germs entered him. In the first phase, he can move into society as a healthy person.

Infection is usually transmitted from person to person through breathing. Their sneeze, cough, and many germs come out. Healthy people can be infected with tears or with wet eyes. If there is germs in the hands or fingers, it can spread rapidly through the hands as a result of touching the nose and eyes. According to a study, a person puts his hands or fingers in his mouth, eyes, nose and nose 20/23 every day. So when waking, the face of the mouth 360 times in 18 hours gives the eyes or nose. One) That is why hand washing lotion with soap is one of the most important things. Two) Wearing a mask or mask is one more important thing. However, the major disadvantage of the mask is that the eyes cannot be covered. The mask is loosely around and the mask cannot be changed frequently. This requires the use of large and tight masks.

From where the disease spreads

One) From the patient’s home.

Two) where there are many public meetings. Such as: public meetings, religious meetings, children’s schools, colleges, universities, hospital outdoors, private and public social events. Party center park, movie hall and so on. These places have been temporarily closed in Yunnan Province due to Chinese experience. Mass transport, airplanes, trains etc. We have to keep these in mind. Scan in public places like airport, seaport, railway station, hospital, outdoor etc.

A fever scanner used in China should be provided. It can be clearly seen in mathematical letters only when applied to the forehead, which is the first symptom of the virus. TV, radio, newspapers have to play their due and expected role. You need to teach yourself how to defend yourself. One should not be afraid to see it.

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