Summer Diet Tips: The One Summer Food That Can Keep Pimples And Breakouts At Bay

The One Summer Food
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The build-up of heat in our bodies is a common problem during summers. This internal heat may have a number of different reactions on our bodies, including irritability, restlessness, mood swings, headaches and a number of digestive disorders like ulcers, bloating, indigestion, acidity and gas.

One of the most common indicators of excessive body heat is frequent pimple breakouts, which are common during summers. This skin problem is not long-term and may usually be fixed over a period of one or two days. The skin is more prone to pimples during summers as the different nooks and corners of the face may accumulate a lot of oil, dirt and sweat. It is important to drink plenty of water, both to cool down and to avoid this common skin problem. But your diet may also go a long way in helping you avoid summer pimples and keep your skin clear.

Besides drinking enough water and making sure you wipe your face with a clean cloth after getting home from out in the sun, adding certain foods to your diet may also reduce body heat, and hence, avoid pimple breakouts. Curd or dahior yogurt is one such obvious summer food that is indispensable for keeping healthy during summers.

The probiotic dairy food comes with a lot of merits, but did you know that consuming this food may help your skin stay clear and fresh during summers? Both consumption and topical application of dahi can help soothe your skin and keep pimple breakouts at bay.

Summer Diet Tips: How Consuming Dahi Can Help Avoid Pimples
Dahi, or curd, and dishes or condiments prepare from dahi are probiotic in nature. This means that yogurt and curd promote the growth of gut healthy bacteria, which not only helps keep digestive woes at bay, but also promote skin health.

Topical application of curd mixed with besan or chickpea flour, honey and turmeric can be used to prepare all-natural pimple home remedy. So, this summer, make sure to stock your fridge with some curd to avoid pimples and frequent breakouts.

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