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As people get older, memory is a very important factor. Often we forget about simple things because of work stress or human stress. That is why we need to take the right approach. The following are just a few of the ways to hold your memory:

Do not be restless: When something does not come to mind you have to think about cold head rather than restless.

Adherence to Routine: An easy way to increase memory is to create and maintain your own work routine. Our brain can remember a lot if we do something by following a routine. If we write down everything we have done or will do. What to do and what not to do. Or something was done or not done. If you write down all that you can easily remember.

Play ‘Brain Games’: Play Brain Games, Not Video Games. Watch videos of brain games on the Internet. Play chess However, if you do not feel good, you need to increase the memory of the brain, play games, do not go chess.

Keeping the brain busy: Keeping the brain busy at a particular time of day by doing the routine. Take, for example, the practice of wordplay every morning. Or memorize the name once in the reading space for boys and girls

Drinking lots of water: Eating has a great connection to memory. Avoid fast food foods. Beef milk, eat more water.

Follow a different path: Do not return home the same way every day. Any act of boredom reduces the memory of the brain. Studies have shown that returning home from work or work leads to memory loss when returning home.

Before going to bed: Try to learn something new before going to bed at night. Try to remember what you did all day. But yes, there are not enough sleep options to hold the memory. The silent body often affects the power of the mind. So sleep must be okay.

Learning something new: Trying to learn a new job increases memory. Suppose for example you might not know how to make a paper plane. Learn it and make it. Or start doing something new. The memory will increase. Avoid stress. As stress increases, memory begins to decline.

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