Relieving the unbearable pain of migraine

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Those who are familiar with the terrible headache of migraine know what kind of pain it is. Migraine pain is not a common headache which is due to a deficiency in a crocin or Migraine is a type of neurological problem This can lead to acute headaches as well as nausea, loss of light and sound, pain in the eyes, and even pain in parts of the mouth such as the jaw. The pain suffers from a few hours to about three to four days.

Causes of migraine pain:

Empty Stomach: Migraine pain or problems can begin if there is too much on an empty stomach. The reason for this – Gastric problems occur when there is an empty stomach. This may exacerbate the problem of migraine. So try not to have an empty stomach.

Mental Stress: Those who work consistently with too much mental stress, can not adapt to their sleep and eating at certain times. They are more prone to migraines. So try to avoid emotional stress. If you are under stress, eat a cup of lemon tea. It will relieve some of the brains.

Extra noise: Excessive noise, too loud music, etc. can also cause migraine problems. Due to the loud noise, there is a possibility of migraine pain for almost two days. So make it a habit to listen to music at a tolerable level.

Excessive sleep: Only one-day sleep disorder can have a bad effect on the body. For example, if people regularly sleep for 3 to 5 hours a day, if they wake up and sleep a little longer, migraine pain may begin. So try not to sleep extra.

Stopping Tea Drinking: A recent study has shown that people who are regularly used to drinking caffeine. If they quit the habit or stop abruptly, migraine pain can begin. So don’t stop drinking tea suddenly.

Excessive sweet foods: Consuming too many sugary foods increases blood sugar levels, leading to the production of extra insulin to control it. This lowers the blood sugar level. In this way, the sudden onset of blood sugar levels can cause migraine pain. So keep yourself from consuming extra sweet treats.

Here are some great ways to get rid of migraine pain:

Herbal Tea: Herbal tea is very useful for headache Herbal tea contains lettuce, lemonade As a result, the incidence of pain is less Again, these factors also help to reduce nausea created by migraine

Ice pack: If the headache is too high, you can take a piece of plastic with a piece of ice and place it in the headache. It will reduce headache 1 Ice reduces the swelling of your head It can ease the pain 1

Vitamin ‘B2’: As the amount of vitamin B2 increases in the body, the pain of migraine decreases. 1 mg Vitamin B2 tablet helps to reduce migraines Besides, fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, cheese, nuts, and vitamin B2 are high in these foods. So try to consume more fish, meat, eggs, dairy products.

Finally, it is important to remember that all headaches do not mean migraine pain. Headache may also be due to shortness of vision. But with enough rest, mental stress control can often relieve the acute pain of migraines.

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