Reasons and to do for boys to read their hair

Reasons and to do for boys to read their hair
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Hair falling? The thought is, in the end a shiny piece of head does not sit? Usually every day some of the human hair falls and new hair grows. But if it is overkill, it must be a matter of concern.

Then you have to first figure out why your hair is falling. Especially the problem of money reading is more common among men. Men’s hair fall or baldness can usually begin as early as 20 years. This is called the mail pattern of hair loss.

Why is hair falling?
Androgenic hormones like testosterone, androstrandien, DHT hormones are generally higher in men and less in women. These hormones act on the hair follicle and accelerate hair fall. Because of this, the hair of men fall more.

If you have anxiety or mental problems, you may have more hair than usual. However, reading this hair is temporary and again the hair grows. But if you are worried for a long time and do not worry, then too much hair can fall off.

If there is no blood circulation at the base of the hair, there may be anemia if the hair begins to fall.Hereditary problems can cause hair fall. Maybe your grandparents or grandparents have no money. But because of your father or mother’s maternal uncle’s money, you may also get money for hereditary reasons.

The hair of the head may fall due to the disease. For example, many people are reported to have lost their hair in typhoid fever.Dandruff and scalp disease can cause hair loss in the head.Many times the side effects of the medicine can also cause hair fall.Helpful for growing and growing your hair.

What to do:
Whatever the reason for the hair fall, you should consult a doctor. In addition, the things that need your attention are:

1.Balanced eating:
There is plenty of vegetables and seasonal fruits and seasonal foods and milk, eggs, fish in the diet. Eat sufficient protein-rich foods – Our hair is made up of keratin. It is a type of protein made of amino acids. Therefore, your body must provide enough amino acids for the hair to grow.

Fish, meat, cheese, milk, eggs – try to keep at least one of these in your diet list daily. You can also get soybeans, beans, bananas, nuts, etc. However, protein intake is relatively high in non-vegetarian diets.

Iron and zinc-rich foods will help oxygenate the cells in your head, create new tissues, and prevent erosion. Zinc and iron are all you need in beans, nuts, calluses, meats, milk. Eat fruits containing vitamin C. Vitamin C

2.Moderate sleep:
It is not possible to keep the body healthy if sleep is not the same. So sleep should be adequate. Meditation can also be done to prevent hair fall.

3.Hair care cosmetics:
Hair should be cleaned at least three days a week. Can shampoo if needed. But before shampoo, you must keep it for one hour with oil. Otherwise the hair will become rough.

4.Natural ingredients in hair care:
Massage hot oil one day a week and with lemon juice it is better. Amlaki, Bahra, Haritaki and fenugreek can be powdered together and mixed with coconut oil or olive oil. Black jays are a great way to add new hair. The use of kaljira oil on the head and the use of kaljira in the food gives very good results.

Healthy hair not only enhances your beauty in the head, it also gives your personality a different dimension. So take care of the hair. Stay healthy

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