Not only the mouth and nose can the coronavirus penetrate through the eyes!

Not only the mouth and nose can the coronavirus penetrate through the eyes!
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Covid-19 is pandemic in the world. Still there are still confusion about the virus. There is a lot of confusion as to what happens when the virus enters the human body and invades parts of it.

According to infectious disease experts, the cough droplets of people infected with Covid-19 rotate in the air. This droplet enters the body of a healthy human being near the patient through his nose, mouth and eyes. The virus molecules come into the mucus membrane quickly behind the nasal passages or into the throat, and then invade the cells. The cells then become the receptor cells.

The eye is one of the means of transmission of the virus after mouth and nose. In spite of wearing a mask, when the mind is unaware, the hand goes away from the eyes, from where it enters the body. That’s because everyone has to be careful not to give a hand to the eye. However, avoid unnecessary panic over Corona, but rather abide by the rules.

The infection through the eyes: In most cases, the virus is mixed with the tears of the eyes and the virus goes into the eye’s eye. It then enters the nose directly and goes into the respiratory tract and begins infection.

From the tear glands of the eye, the trachea reaches the lungs. This can create breathing problems. Professor Su-Yuan Xiao, a professor of pathology at the Chicago School of Medicine, examines the repertoire of coronary patients in China. According to him, the virus invades two peripheral regions of the lungs and spreads to the upper airways and trachea.

The risk is higher in contact lenses: People who wear contact lenses are at higher risk of being infected with Cavid-19. Because they touch eyes more often than others. Therefore, those who wear contact lenses should repeatedly clean their hands. The hands must be disinfected when the lens is open or worn. You have to be careful not to go hand in hand in any way. Tissue paper should be used to give the eye very rarely.

According to health experts, the virus containing ribonucleic acid (RNA) can only enter the human body through the mucous membrane. Mucous membranes are present in the eyes, nose, and mouth. So not only mouth and nose, but also eye protection should be considered, said the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

According to their advice, when a patient goes to hospital with fever, shortness of breath and various symptoms, doctors should start treatment only with nose and mouth protection. Remember to be careful with eyes to prevent coronavirus infection. Contact lenses should be kept clean regularly. You have to give up the habit of rubbing your eyes repeatedly or rubbing your eyes.

On the other hand, San Francisco’s Glaucoma Research Foundation says doctors and health workers who treat coronary patients need to wear special glasses to protect their eyes. The company also said that keeping contact lenses clean and not giving a hand to the eye.

According to them, the droplet may not enter the eye directly from the infected person for the special appearance of the eye. Because the eyes are naturally closed at the moment of entering something outside. However, if you have a virus in your hand, it can enter the body through rubbing your eyes.

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