Learn the important brain exercises

Learn the important brain exercises
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The brain is like a muscle. The more you use, the stronger it will be. Just as there are some exercises to improve the health of the muscles, there are some mental exercises to develop the brain and sharpen the memory. Here are eight brain exercises –

Think again: List the market Enter 10/12 items. Try to remember every item you write. After an hour or two, try to think of 10 items without seeing the list. All may not remember. But take the challenge, as you can name all the items.

Learning to play musical instruments: Studies show that learning to play something new and complex such as guitar, violin, piano, etc. does not increase the age of the brain.

Think numerically: Create a figure with a pen, pencil, and paper in mind. Now start calculating. It will be a bit of an exercise but will do a great job of shaking the brain.

Learning new cooking: Learning new recipes, but also exercises in the brain. Because the smell, taste, color, and touch are all associated with different parts of the brain.

Learning a new language: The brain is stimulated when listening to sound.

Invisible Visualization: Take any word you have in mind. Let’s say, the word Apple. Look closely at the word in your mind. Now create two different words with Apple’s Start A and End E and try to remember.

Improve the efficiency of the eyes and hands: Add two more items to your list of favorite hobbies. Wool knitting, matching pictures, etc. They help to attract attention.

Reward the new game: Sport is essential for both body and mind. You can become proficient in yoga, golf and tennis. It eliminates brain affinity and binding.

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