It is important to stay away from cold and fever at this time

It is important to stay away from cold and fever at this time
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Corona is creating panic in people’s minds day by day. The death toll is also high. The main symptom of this virus is cold and fever. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the body’s immune system to prevent infection.

We have to be careful so that the common flu does not happen. Moreover, if there is a cold-fever, the suffering does not end. Which is a very annoying thing. So you can take preventive measures before you get infected with such an infection. In this case, experts have given nine suggestions. Let’s find out –

Keep both hands clean: It is important for everyone, big or small, to keep their hands clean. Touching any object or person with the hand can cause a virus attack. Even touching something that looks clean can cause your two hands to become infected. So always wash your hands with two alcohol-based ingredients.

Keep the surroundings of the house clean: Keep the inside and surroundings of the house clean. Moist parts are ideal places for viruses and bacteria. Clean these.

Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep weakens the immune system. Adequate sleep provides wellness to people. This is the strongest measure against infection.

Green or black tea: Not only does this tea prevent infections, it also gives a wonderful feeling. Mix lemon or honey with tea.

Eat zinc-rich foods: We all rely on vitamin C to fight the virus. However, zinc is a great fighter to fight the flu. Eat nuts, bean sprouts or sweet pumpkin sprouts. These are full of zinc.

Eat homemade chicken and vegetable soup: Homemade chicken and vegetable soups have natural immunity. So eat these occasionally. This strengthens the immune system.

Use a mask: The virus can spread in the air. There is more dust outside. So use a face mask when you go out. There is less dust inside the house. Even if you don’t wear a mask there.

Exercise regularly: Exercise increases immunity. Experts say regular exercise is needed to stay away from infections.

Avoid outside food: Always avoid dusty food on the roadside. Contamination of spreading dirty food virus. So make it a habit to eat homemade food.

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