It is important to quit smoking to prevent coronavirus

It is important to quit smoking to prevent coronavirus
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Are you thinking about quitting cigarettes? Can’t you try a hundred? Then this may be the best time. Because doctors and researchers have repeatedly said that if you want maximum use of your body’s natural protection against Novel Coronavirus, quit smoking now.

We all know that smoking affects the lungs. But for various reasons when we are caught in the trap of loss, we can not get out. Some give up and go back to the old habit a few days later. One of the most influential factors behind this is seeing others smoke. Especially if you don’t have a cigarette for tea sitting in the tea shop, the actual taste of tea is not available. But going out in this lockdown stopped. So it’s easier to overcome these obstacles now.

It is true that quitting smoking will not immediately improve your lungs. Prolonged smoking is not possible to overcome the damage that your lungs do. But the day after quitting proven cigarettes, positive changes in the body will begin. In particular, respiratory problems will begin to subside, which at this time will also play a role in the prevention of novel coronavirus.

Even though smoking does not reduce the damage done to the lungs overnight, adhering to certain rules, according to The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will return to your lungs very quickly.

Volunteer spokesman for the American Lung Association and a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University. Brian Christman said in an interview that every lung doctor in America promotes that everyone should quit smoking. Although this is not a new word, they remind every patient. However, the current doctors who are currently providing Novel Coronavirus treatment have repeatedly said this – to prevent the virus, smokers are more resistant to smoking than the smokers.

Cilia is the first part of her lungs to cure. Just as a brush moves your hair forward and backward like a wave, so do the cilia in the lungs to help build your immune system and protect the body from colds and cough infections. Studies by ‘The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ say they also work to clear mucus.

Cilia activates the physiological process of mucus cleansing, called mucociliary escalator. The smoker’s lungs contain a lot of fluid that causes the mucociliary escalator to weaken – their mucus doesn’t clear. So you understand that the first protective armor of the Novel Coronavirus Resistance, is where the danger of defeat.

In the case of coronavirus infection, it is very important to keep your lungs as healthy as possible. Covid-I patients often experience severe lung injury that can lead to mucous leakage. Called acute respiratory distress syndrome or acute respiratory distress syndrome. And this condition can cause a patient to drown in his own mucus. Breathless mucus can not be breathed even when trying hard. In such cases, most of the patients die.

The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report was published on March 25, where it showed that 8% of patients in Covid-1 in the United States are at risk because they already have a serious problem. Most of which identify respiratory complications as a problem. Also significant are diabetes, chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease.

Mentioning good heart attack is another cause of death in Covid-1. The CDC says that after you quit smoking, your blood becomes thinner and less susceptible to clotting. This reduces the risk of a heart attack.

You are already doing social distance exercises, frequent hand washing, nails, mouth, eye contact, and eye contact to protect yourself from the Novel Corona virus. As well as quitting smoking, minimizing sleep may be another step forward in preventing coronavirus.

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