How Medical Cannabis Helps Patients Undergoing therapy.

How Medical Cannabis Helps Patients Undergoing therapy.
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One of the first medical uses for cannabis that has been studied in modern medical literature was its use in the treatment of chemotherapy for cancer patients. While recent studies have had the media prematurely claiming medical cannabis can “cure” cancer, the scientific evidence suggests a much more limited picture of what cannabis can and cannot do for cancer patients.

Pain Relief: whether or not undergoing therapy or not, several cancer patients expertise pain. The growth itself will cause pain. therapy medications may also cause pain, though this can be a somewhat rarer explanation for pain for patients with cancer. Medical marijuana helps alleviate chronic pain for various totally different of various patients with different medical conditions. above all, it helps those undergoing therapy.

Stimulates the Appetite:- several patients undergoing therapy for cancer expertise a loss of appetency. Metabolic changes and typically even itself can cause a loss of appetency. the foremost common cause is typically therapy, which might cause severe food aversions, nausea, and instinctive reflex. Cannabis strains with high psychoactive substance content promote appetency. psychoactive substance stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which assists in appetency regulation.

Reduction of Nausea and Vomiting: – For several patients undergoing therapy, nausea, and instinctive reflex area unit the foremost severe and prevailing symptoms. this can be combined by the actual fact that typical medications wont to treat these symptoms area unit ejected by the patient. A review printed within the British Medical Journal states medical cannabis is effective across the board for all kinds of therapy. many alternative studies state medical cannabis is effective for this purpose. However, despite the promising results, some studies indicate not all patients can accomplish relief with the employment of cannabinoids.

Not without Side Effects: -As much as there is a promise for the use of medical cannabis in relieving the symptoms of those undergoing chemotherapy, most studies have also reported side effects. Some have indicated dizziness, hallucinations, dysphoria, and depression. Other side effects observed in some studies included drowsiness, particularly associated with the use of THC. Some patients reported a THC “high,” although these patients were in the minority.

What’s the Verdict?: –The evidence is clear: medical cannabis plays an important role in the effective management of symptoms for some patients. As with all medical treatments, risks and benefits must be weighed, however. More research will demonstrate the particular situations in which medical cannabis could be the right treatment choice for patients undergoing chemotherapy. For now, some patients will continue to benefit from the inclusion of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments.

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