Heart Health Tips: Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Fellow, Not One!

Heart Health Tips: Heart Attack,
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Currently, heart problems are one of the major causes of death in the world. As of the National Intervention Council in Cardiology Society of India last year about 60 million people have a heart attack. The lack of awareness of heart disease is one of the main reasons. Apart from this, there are abnormal changes in lifestyle, hypertension, excessive smoking, and alcoholism. In this case, not just middle age risks to children and women too. Many people take the wrong step to treat chest pains as a result of gas pain, which results in fatal effects. Do not make that mistake, identify the disease without first knowing it. Soon start treatment as soon as possible. The city’s heart disease experts advise you

Heart Attack Key: A heart attack that suddenly causes blood circulation to stop. When blood circulation occurs in the heart muscle and the heart gets less blood than it is needed, it is called ischemic heart disease, which can be stabilized in the very first phase, blockage. If this blockage is partly a little more painful in the patient, chest pain, as well as a slight tension, chest pain. If you take a little rest, the pain goes away, but this is the ultimate defeat of a heart attack. If there is an extreme pain in the situation of sitting at this time, you should understand that a heart attack has occurred.

Heart attack, cardiac arrest, heart failure, not one: Sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack, but not many, many do not understand the difference of cardiac arrest or heart attack, so the family of the patient took the wrong steps in trouble. Coronary artery works to send blood to the heart, for some reason a coronary artery mouth is closed or in most cases, it has a blood-tight heart attack. In this case, the flow of blood flow does not reach the oxygen in the heart, and the cells of that place die. However, the cause of cardiac arrest is different, in this case, the heart rate is stopped due to arithmetic.

What is the prevalence of a heart attack?: In this case, symptoms may appear in many cases, but may not occur again. One of the symptoms is chest pressure while walking. Many people mistakenly think that pain is a problem of gas. If the same thing happens every day, then it is understood that it is a bad indication. In addition, other symptoms include caution in the sleep during the night, suddenly wake up and do not sleep, wake up from sleep, and be cautious about the body. Many people make mistakes in this matter of gas pain. It should be remembered that there is no such pain except the Severe Pancreatitis. So, we have to understand that these are from the heart.

What is the treatment?: The first and first aid angioplasty in the heart attack. Unfortunately, very few people in our country get this treatment. It has been found that more than 60 percent of the blocked arteries did not open. One of the major causes is lack of awareness. Most of the time, there is a lack of knowledge about what to do to the patient and his family after the attack.

What to do with a heart attack: As soon as the patient has to reach the hospital. The Golden Hour in the next hour of a heart attack, if you do not get treatment during this time, treatment can not match. It is very important to provide treatment within two hours.

Take care of the diet and bodybuilding: Avoid carbohydrate refined foods such as sugar, molasses, honey, sweet foods, and refined carbohydrate. Red meat contains saturated fat, so do not eat red meat. There is cholesterol in the body of meat, fish eggs, etc. So all these are excluded from the diet list. Do not eat anything that has trans fat Excessive smoking, alcohol abuse is today. Freehand with doctor’s advice Walk as well as at least 30 minutes a day.

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