Great 8 use of lemon in rupture

Great 8 use of lemon in rupture
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Do not know how much money you are spending for the sake of beauty care, right? Today at the cosmetic surgery center tomorrow. But you know, if you know the right method, you can solve all the beauty problems yourself? Take for example lemons. With this one lemon, the black spots on the body are all possible to reduce acne or control bowel movement from a distance. How to use Let’s not know.

1) Anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredients of lemon increase the body’s immunity. Lemon is effective in fixing sunburned skin.

2) Anti-oxidants in lemon removes skin folds and scars. Vitamin C in lemon removes acne or acne-causing bacteria.

3) Lemon is also an important ingredient in aromatherapy. Lemon juice is effective in alleviating the aging facial scars. The use of lemon juice also reduces the acne on the face.

4) Lemon is effective in eliminating dirt in the elbows, knees and ankles of the hands. To remove the roughness of the hands and feet, mix the rice powder with lemon juice and apply it on your feet.

5) To remove the oily feeling of the skin, mix it with equal quantity of juice and lemon juice and make a mixture by applying it to the mouth. The oily skin of the skin will be removed and the skin will be refreshed. If the mixture burns immediately after applying it, wash it off quickly. In that case, lemon can dry out the skin excess.

6) Lemon juice and milk mixture is also effective in removing excess oil on the skin. Cut out half of a large lemon and squeeze the juice. Now mix it with 10 tablespoon liquid milk well. Gently massage the whole face, wash after 15-20 minutes. Lemon removes skin oils and milk retains moisturizers on the skin. This mixture should be carefully applied around the eyes.

7) With the white part of an egg, mix half a lemon juice and one tablespoon orange juice with warm water and paste it on the skin. Leave it for 20 minutes. After drying, rinse in cold water. Eliminates oily skin and enhances brightness as well.

8) Cut half of a large lemon and squeeze the juice. Prepare the mixture by mixing 2 tablespoons honey with it and keep it in the mouth for 15 minutes. If you feel a tension on the skin, wash it in cold water. Honey will brighten the skin. The natural bleaching quality of lemon will make the skin more lean.

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