Forgetting it all? 5 Tips to Improve Memory

Forgetting it all? 5 Tips to Improve Memory
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Can’t suddenly remember the name of a known person? Where do you keep forgetting soon? Don’t remember reading the book? What did you eat yesterday, today is gaining momentum to remember? Sure you have a delusion. How to keep your brain cells healthy? Here are 5 tips to increase your memory.

1. Exercise, stay strong: Not only the body is strengthened during exercise or racing, the brain is also in motion. So when you start your morning with exercise, there is nothing better. You can concentrate properly on the task. Catch the ball repeatedly on the wall, it will also attract attention.

2.You should sleep well at night: Sleep is important at night to keep the brain or memory energized. For those who are suffering from anemia right now, insist on sleeping well. You should sleep for 3 to 5 hours at night. You must stop watching TV at least an hour before bed. At that time, the smartphone or tab can not be exchanged. In order to get good sleep at night, you should eat less caffeine and alcohol throughout the day.

3.The brain needs to be strengthened: Rubbing is borrowed, so is the brain. To avoid the risk of dementia with age, the brain has to engage in various activities. Seeing the paper daily, it is good to have a good head, even if Sudoku. There are also new things to learn. You have to associate with people. The brain will starve.

4.The less you can reduce the disturbance, the better: At the end of the day there will be physical disturbances to work. But, we need to try to minimize that disturbance as much as possible. Do not increase the workload. If you do not give the body, sometimes you have to say ‘no’. Because chronic stress causes damage to your brain cells. Which has an effect on memory. Chronic depression can also lead to memory loss.

5.What you eat is very important: Eliminate sugar or sugary foods from the diet before restoring memory. In addition to eating lots of vegetable fruits, of course, emphasize omega-fatty acid rich foods. Anti-oxidant foods should be eaten richly. Because, anti-oxidants protect brain cells. That’s why Green-T is very useful. Reduce the oil-spices from the daily meals, and if possible, emphasize the cooked food in a little olive oil.

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