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In order to keep the skin good, we must make changes to our lifestyle and diet. Not only the use of different chemicals on the skin but also some healthy foods will be good for both body and skin. So be aware of some familiar foods that help to brighten the skin.

Carrots: Carrots contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene and carrots are the best vegetables among the vegetables which have great health benefits and are very good for our skin and hair. Carrot or carrot juice should be placed on the food list to enhance the brightness of the skin.

In papaya: Who loves to eat papaya with delicious delicious fruit. Papaya contains Vitamin C, A, E and antioxidants that help keep our skin clean and protect the skin from brunches and blemishes. In Papaya you can eat or paste and apply on the skin.

Tomato: Lycopene contains this red fresh juice vegetable. Tomatoes are great for the skin, as well as tomatoes reduce body weight and help prevent cancer.

Green leafy vegetables: There are plenty of vitamins in greens that are very good not only for the skin but for the whole body. So put vegetables in your daily diet list.

Strawberries: Strawberries contain Vitamin C which protects the skin and enhances the brightness.

Green Tea: Green tea is an herbal beverage that is good for the skin. It eliminates burns on the skin, keeps the skin soft, enhances the brightness of the skin, removes dark skin spots and eliminates blemishes.

Broccoli: Broccoli’s antioxidants and vitamin A and C naturally help to brighten the skin.

Fish: An important contribution of fish is Omega-1 fatty acids and various vitamins are very good for the skin. Therefore, more fish should be eaten to get bright skin.

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