Five domestic ways to quit smoking in seven days!

Five domestic ways to quit smoking in seven days!
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Smoking is harmful to health. Which also causes death. There is no part of the body that is not affected by tobacco. Moreover, smokers are at serious risk of corona. So far, more smokers have died of corona.

So it is very important for smokers to be careful. Although many people want to quit smoking, they can’t. It becomes intoxicating. However, there are some herbs that can help you quit smoking or quit smoking. The health department of the lifestyle website Boldsky has reported some of these herbs. Which will help you quit smoking in seven days. Let’s find out –

Mint leaves: Chewing mint leaves helps reduce tobacco intake. Chew two to three mint leaves every morning and night. This will help reduce the interest in smoking within seven days.

Ginger, Amalki, turmeric: Ginger, Amalki and turmeric can be mixed together and eaten in small balls. One month it will work to reduce the interest in smoking tobacco.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps to keep you free from smoking addiction. When addicted to smoking or other tobacco, take a piece of cinnamon. Start chewing it. It will help to stop smoking.

Triphala: Triphala is known to eliminate toxins from the body. It helps to quit smoking. Eating one tablespoon of triphala every night is beneficial to reduce smoking.

Ashwagandha : Ashwagandha is very effective in removing toxins from the body. It helps relieve anxiety and reduces tobacco addiction. Eating 450 mg to 2 g of Ashwagandha root powder will give good results.

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