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Dental inflammation: Teeth are an invaluable resource to people. With the help of teeth, people chew food. During chewing, saliva juice comes out of the mouth and helps in the digestive process by mixing it with food. Tooth beauty organs/teeth fewer people can’t speak clearly and their mouths are ruined. To help with digestion, it is the dental work to break the food into pieces.

Dental impairment, indigestion, injury to dental insect, overheating, cooling food, consuming sweet and talkative food and unhealthy germ contamination causes swelling and pain in the tooth.

Symptoms: Tooth decay or broken parts may appear. The root of the tooth becomes red. It seems that tooth enamel has increased. There is acute pain/pain spreads to the head and ears of that side. The severity of the pain gradually increases. Cooling in warm-hot water increases the pain. Bleeding on the teeth can cause bleeding.

Dental Disease / Insect Eating: Some food items may stick to or around the toothpaste after eating. There is a bacterial acid called bacterium. This acid creates little holes in the teeth. If the preventive measures are not taken, the hole becomes larger day by day. At this stage, the bad part of the infected tooth should be removed according to the dentist’s advice and fill the hole properly.

Symptoms: At first, hot, cold and sweet or talk of acid (headache), beheaded and felt pain. Later it becomes a constant pain and becomes unbearable. If the decayed teeth are not treated, the tooth is completely destroyed and wounds are formed below it.

Inflammation of the teeth/psoriasis: Disinfection occurs due to the accumulation of food in the teeth and gums and not being properly cleaned. The periosteum at the base of the tooth damages the membrane. At that point, the germs cause a digestive odor that causes digestion. In this way, the tooth is swollen and sometimes it is seen. The disease is most often seen in people who are unable to eat a moderate diet.

Symptoms: One or more stools have lesions at the joints. The herd is swollen and reddish. Sometimes itching and the patient is reluctant to eat. If there is a slight injury to the flower or if you suck loudly the blood drops. Many times acute pain and toothache. It smells bad on the face and makes it uncomfortable to talk. White coating falls on the wound. If you give cold water to the mouth, then head.

Boils in the soil: In our daily life, taking various forms of food and busyness or laziness does not make the teeth and mouth clean very well. As a result, many people suffer from irritation and bleeding. For a long time, neglect of the common disease also goes bad and the nervous system is damaged. The tooth shook. The tooth burst and even looks like an insect. Humans have different types of germs.

These germs usually spread germs quickly or with the help of digested food stored in the tooth space at any time. These microbes are called dental plaque or sugar or bacterial plaque. The microbes in the coating are capable of producing acid (acid). Toothpaste produces local acids with the help of sugar or sugar. This acid slowly erodes the tooth enamel, and in the same way, germs come to the bone just below the bone and create a mass.

Symptoms: The infected teeth have severe pain and swelling of the jaw and mouth. When the infected teeth touch the inflamed part, there is considerable heat. In the affected part, the entire head, the childlike pains in pain. The fever of up to 5F is followed by pain. At one time the skin on the cheeks or the lower jaw burst on the cheek. Irritation may be reduced even if the irritation is reduced.

Tooth massage: Toothbrush should always be done on the inside or outside of the mat. So that each tooth is rubbed at least 3 times. Then rinse well with water at least 3 times so that all the dirt comes out.

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