Coronavirus when dry cough? How to understand

Coronavirus when dry cough? How to understand
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At this time of the season, it is normal to have fever, cold cough. This must have been the case before. But this time it is completely different. Now fever, dry cough, but people are panicking. Because these are the primary symptoms of coronavirus infection.

But not all fever. Cold-fever headache is also a symptom of common flu. This time, whatever happens in the heat and sweat.

However, cold sore cold, cough, it causes cough. Which we call weight cuff. But in the case of Corona, it is a dry cough. Sore throat, throat dryness and cough. Excessive fever and shortness of breath.

Corona is not clinically diagnosed at all. Information that can only be understood on the basis of cough has not yet been proved. Dry cough can be caused by many more. People with lung problems, who smoke excess, suffer from dry cough all year long.

If the coronary attack is accompanied by fever and cough, it will be accompanied by throat pain and shortness of breath. Many people are swallowing it with pneumonia since it causes lungs.

Corona and pneumonia are completely different. Contact your doctor immediately if your body feels bad or has problems with fever and breathing problems.

Do not hide if you have any symptoms. If there is a problem and leaving it only increases the complexity. Corona detection is done only through a SWAB test. Wherever there is spit, do not cuff.

Use handkerchiefs or tissues to sneeze, cough, and cold. After use, place it in a specific place. It is not at all possible that death is imminent. Get better with the right treatment. Just adhere to some rules.

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