Are you worried about your baby’s height? Then put these foods in the diet

Are you worried about your baby's height? Then put these foods in the diet
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We all know that height plays an important role in personality development. The height of the man depends on the gene. Moreover, diet, lifestyle and bodybuilding are no less important. So take a special look at your child’s eating habits right now. At present, children’s diet is dominated by fast food. It takes less time to taste and make appetizing flavors, for both babies and their mothers, both are on the choice of fast food.

Although tempting for a temporary meal, these foodies are terrific for the future. So it’s time to be aware. Instead of fast food, give your child a balanced diet. The following are some of the foods that ensure a lot of physical fitness, brain development as well as the child’s growth rate. Which will be good for you or your children’s future.

Eggs & Chicken: Protein is one of the most important foods in physical development. Animal protein helps in the formation of new tissues of the body and the role of eggs and chicken in creating damaged tissue. The role of proteins is also important in muscle formation. Put the egg in the baby’s diet. Especially the egg whites and the boiled or grilled chicken. In addition to physical development, your child will also have energy for daily activities.

Fish: The home diet is incomplete without fish. Try to feed the baby small fish more. Eliminate the fear of thorns from the beginning. Then you see, the baby will not be more reluctant to fish. If the child turns his mouth to talk of a strong odor, keep a handful of lemons near his hand. Lightly squeeze the lemon juice into the fish pieces. You see, the odor excuses will disappear.

Greens:There is no substitute for how to keep the baby’s body healthy. Keep as much vegetables as possible in your baby’s diet. Iron, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin A and other minerals are essential for the development of healthy curry. Winter is the ideal time for a variety of things. Buy from the market broccoli, groundnut, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, carrots and beets. Many times the baby does not want to eat curry. So, if needed, cook a little snack. Or, serve it in a way that looks as colorful as a rainbow. However, be careful not to spoil the quality of food. Boiling vegetables are also very nutritious. Make a stew with it. Make salad with various vegetables, eggs and pieces of chicken. Many nutritious foods appeared together in front of the baby.

Soybeans: If you are a vegetarian, you should eat soybeans for protein. Make the habit of feeding soybeans to young children as well. Children often like to eat soybeans because of the taste, because of their close proximity to meat.

Pulse: In middle class Bengali family, rice comes with rice. Make a child accustomed to eating various pulses from an early age. Turn around one day and cook different pulses. You can also experiment with mixing two types of pulses if needed.

Fruit: There is no such thing as always buying expensive fruits and eating them. Do not always lean towards apples, mussels, grapes or buy fruit like guava. Give your baby a seasonal fruit like saved a, watermelon, beta-bi lemon. Instead of fruit juice, tell your child to eat whole or sliced ​​fruit. It will not exclude a nutritious fiber diet. The structure of the teeth will also be good.

Milk: Last But Not The List, there is no substitute for milk to build muscle and strengthen bones. Milk is the main source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. It is difficult to see a child who does not pretend to eat essential food. So, if that’s the case, put pudding, custard, milkshakes, cheese, and at least tuck yogurt on the baby’s diet. If you do not have a health drink, take care of the milk as it eats. If the baby has a stomach or stomach allergy to milk, make a diet chart with your doctor.

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