Are you suffering from gastric or acidity problems?

Are you suffering from gastric or acidity problems?
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The problem of acidity is quite apparent in present-day people. Many of you or those around you suffer from gastric. Many people avoid many foods because of gastric problems. But even then you cannot avoid gastric problems. The main causes of gastric acidity, digestive problems, heartburn etc.

Other causes of gastric pain can be bacterial infections, food poisoning, kidney stones, ulcers, etc. In modern medical science, it is found as a cure for many expensive drugs that are harmful. But did you know, there are excellent all-natural options for getting rid of it? So if there are no side effects like drugs.

Cinnamon: Very good for frozen, it is a natural antacid that eliminates stomach gas. You can take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water and eat it 2-3 times a day. Besides, you can also eat in soups/salads if desired.

Basil / Mint Tea: The use of basil leaves is very popular in curing acidity. Whenever the problem of acidity arises, make balsam tea. Boil 1/4 basil leaves in 2 cups of water. When the amount of water is boiled, it will be reduced to 5 cups. If you like, you can chew the basil leaves and eat it too. The mint leaves can relieve the problem of excess acid in the stomach, and help the digestion to relieve acidity. Like basil leaves, mint leaves are made from tea or chewed with mint leaves.

Tamarind leaves: Fry the sliced ​​leaves and bake them. Now mix sesame leaves with a glass of milk and drink daily. The problem of gastric will be solved easily.

Cold milk: There is no cold milk pair to immediately address the problem of acidity. Calcium in milk absorbs excess acid that builds up the acidity in the stomach. And it relieves the painful irritation of the chest and abdomen. Drink cold milk on an empty stomach the next morning by placing a glass of milk in the refrigerator overnight. You will see that there will be no problem of acidity all day. However, those who are allergic to milk will stay away from it.

Coconut water: Drinking water boosts digestive capacity and digests all foods easily. It also gets rid of gas problems by playing regular dab water. If possible, practice drinking dab water every day. It will relieve gastric problems.

Amalaki: There is a lot of vitamin C in the fruit that is appealing. In addition, it contains minerals, protein, calcium, etc. Amalaki can be eaten in various ways. Amalaki plays with the taste in the mouth. It is also useful for stomach upset, colds, coughs and anemia. But it helps keep the acidity problem low. A teaspoon of tamarind powder twice a day will not have acidity or acidity.

Cumin: Cumin helps in the production of mouth saliva which helps in digestion process and metabolism. It also relieves acidity and gastric problems. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, it helps to cool the stomach if it is stimulated for some reason. Cumin also works to relieve stomach ulcers. Whenever there is an outbreak of air in your stomach, chew a few cumin seeds or boil them in water and eat them with water – there will be no acidity.

Cardamom: The aromatic spices contain sufficient calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It helps to digest food. It creates a kind of slippery coating in the stomach to protect against the effects of acidity. Grind two grains of small cardamom into powder and drink it when it is cold, you will get rid of the acidity.

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