All You Need To Know About This 5-Day Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

All You Need To Know About
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The high-fat and low carb diet known as ketogenic diet has been trending since last year. The diet, which has been endorsed by celebrities and social media influencers in India and around the world, includes consuming more fat, moderate protein and very low amounts of carbs, in order to lose weight. However, the diet has also spawned a class of health experts who are completely opposed to the diet and in fact recommend staying away from the diet for good health. But the diet still remains popular with those wanting to lose weight fast. A variation of the ketogenic diet is the Keto Egg Fast Diet.

What Is Keto Egg Fast Diet For Weight Loss?
The keto egg fast diet is basically a high-fat low-carb diet wherein dieters consume eggs, cheese and butter. The diet is a short-term diet and is said to help people who are stuck on a weight loss plateau and need to break through it. Since it’s a fasting diet, it is quite restrictive in nature and said to be only meant to help people cross their weight loss plateau and lose weight further. The diet follows a set of rules which includes eating multiple meals in a day- one egg-base meal every three to five hours. The keto egg fast diet dictates that dieters must eat at least six whole eggs in a day. The diet does not exclude the yolk as it is rich in healthy fats and protein. Dieters stop eating three hours before bedtime and may eat upto 28 gm of full-fat cheese for every egg consumed. The diet lasts for about three to five days.

Does The Keto Egg Fast Work For Weight Loss?
This ketogenic diet is said to help the body by pushing it to ketosis or fat-burning for energy. During this time period, the body is said to shift from depending on carbs for energy, to burning fat as fuel or to power the body. Some people’s bodies may take longer than just five days to enter ketosis. This diet being extremely restrictive may induce weight loss by dramatically reducing the number of calories consumed per day. Moreover, the egg fast diet may also work by reducing appetite, as it is majorly dependent on consumption of eggs which are known to be extremely filling. Moreover, it is also said to help dieters shed visceral or belly fat.

Side Effects Of Egg Fast Diet
The risk factors and side effects of the egg fast diet are identical to that of the ketogenic diet, which includes irritability, fatigue, irregular sleep, weakness, headaches, nausea etc. These symptoms are together known as the keto flu. Another side effect of the diet is digestive trouble, as the egg fast diet restricts consumption of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables. As a result, some people experience constipation, as in the absence of insoluble fibre there is reduced binding action.

If you want to follow this diet, you may consult a certified dietitian or a clinical nutritionist who may help you draw up a concrete plan for the duration of the diet. If you suffer from a chronic health condition, it is highly recommended that you stay away from all crash diets and instead follow a balanced and healthy diet, as well as engage in physical activity on a daily basis to lose weight.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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