About ME

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I am a high producing professional with strong analytical, research, multi-tasking skills, as well as exceptional organization and computer talent. Working with technology and in a fast-paced, cutting edge environment is where I am best suited. I am also interested in SEO and Data Entry, with an emphasis on branding.

I have the ability to work in a variety of environments and I am always looking to learn new things! I am self-taught in most of the computer skills I know and have a unique ability to quickly learn new skills. Trustworthy and reliable service to customers and employers. I love to gain knowledge through experience. I have strong communication and public relation skills and a knack for gathering, not only information but also correct information. I post graduated from the National University of Bangladesh in 2013.

To provide quality work within a short period of time – that is my guarantee for future clients with a reasonable amount. I will do SEO & Data Entry services provided in a professional manner.

I’m available at 7 days of a week for work. Just waiting for your positive reply.