A simple solution to the acne problem.

A simple solution to the acne problem.
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Want to look beautiful acne-free skin. Very easily get rid of this extremely annoying problem. A simple and home-based solution to acne problems is highlighted on a website about rhetoric.

Lemon juice helps to cure acne quickly. Cotton lemon juice should be applied directly to acne. Using before going to bed will work better.

Peppermint oil
After taking a few drops of peppermint oil on the acne, massage it for a while and then wash it. This oil helps to eliminate acne.

There are vitamins A, C, and E. And these vitamins are very effective in alleviating acne. The paste should be mixed with a little water to make the paste. You have to wait for the paste to be applied to the entire face, especially acne. The skin should be washed with cold water when the mixture is dry.

In addition to keeping the skin cool, it also helps reduce acne problems. Put the ice in a cloth and press on the acne and hold for a few seconds. Then again after waiting for some time the acne should be pressed on ice.

Hot steam
The hot steam helps to remove harmful contaminants from the skin. After five minutes of steaming with warm water, the skin should be steamed. Then wash the face with warm water and wipe it well. When the face is dry, use a good moisturizer.

Baking soda
Mix dough with half cup soda and make a thick paste. This mixture should be rubbed on the skin and massaged with a light hand. Wait five to six minutes and rinse the rinse with warm water. You should use a moisturizer to wipe the face dry.

The white part of the egg
Separate the white parts of the three eggs and toss them well, to form a thick foam. Egg foam should be thoroughly cleaned off the skin. Once the mixture is dry after the first time, another mixture will have to be added again. Thus, the mixture should be applied in four steps. After 20 minutes, wash thoroughly after drying.

In papaya
Blend well and make papaya paste. You have to wait until the mask is rubbed dry on the skin. After waiting for 20 minutes, the skin should be washed thoroughly when completely dry.

Oatmeal absorbs excess oil from the skin by exfoliating. Make a mixture by mixing lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey with one cup of cooked oatmeal. Wait for 5 minutes before the mixture is applied to the skin. The benefits of using this mask once or twice a week will be beneficial.


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