6 ways to outgrow your competitors in the medical cannabis industry

ways to outgrow your competitors
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Competition in the cannabis industry throughout recreationally legalized States is becoming tougher. Many believe that the growth of the industry is being hindered by policies that won’t allow for an increase in the number of cannabis retailers despite the need.

Aluminum Rolling Benches
GGS Rolling Benches can improve crop efficiency with typically 80% or more bench coverage. This can provide 50% more plant space compared to conventional, stationary bench layouts by eliminating the need for a dedicated aisle, leading to higher profits and maximizing space efficiency:

*Rolling benches can be fabricated in expanded metal covering, ebb and flood trays or irrigation .
*The bench assembly is designed for easy installation.
*The snap together aluminum profiles and factory welded stands make your job easier.

Multi-tiered aluminum benches/grow tables for commercial marijuana

Similar to how the GGS Rolling Benches maximize the floor space in your facility, our multi-tiered aluminum benches/grow tables allow you to capture the vertical space in your grow facility:

*Double the crop density of your cannabis veg room or small marijuana grow room
*Utilize the built in lighting supports for LED grow lights
*Enjoy the easily adjustable height and slope to suit your growing needs
*Reduce capital costs by lowering your cannabis crop footprint lower C02, temperature .

Improve air circulation with greenhouse fans
Adding HAF fans can have a beneficial impact on your crop inside your greenhouse a good HAF fan layout can eliminate dead areas by maximizing consistent airflow. A well-circulated greenhouse is something your employers will also thank you for. Contact GGS today to see how we can help you with your greenhouse air circulation.Not only is the equipment you use in your cannabis grow facility vital to the productivity of your plants, but so are the systems in place and people you have working at your facility:

Hire experienced workers
Having an experienced and skilled staff that understands the smallest details about grow systems will result in a higher quality and more productive operation. Cultivators should understand the design and build out of cultivation facilities as well as how to maintain a proper environment optimized for growing. Implementing clean protocols and workflow management is also crucial.

Develop a list of solid procedures
The larger the operation becomes the more important processes and procedures become in the facility. Keeping track of variables such as dates, times, sales and consumer preferences will help keep your business moving. Make sure you have these processes and procedure documented and relayed to all of your employees to maximize productivity in your operation. The key is to reduce all unnecessary inefficiencies happening in the workplace due to a lack of understanding by employees.

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