6 Tips for a successful summer season in your commercial greenhouse

Tips for a successful summer
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With Mother’s Day in the rearview and the warmer weather here, the busy season is just only ramping up. This hectic time of year can be stressful, making it difficult to stay focused on what’s important. We’ve put together six tips for ensuring you and your crew can keep your cool during the spring and summer months in your greenhouses and retail shops.

  1. Declutter your greenhouse and your life
    Clutter has a way accumulating quickly and it can be very difficult to manage if it’s gotten out of control. This can interfere with your productivity and peace of mind. Clutter refers to physical items that pile up whether it’s paperwork or equipment that needs to be cleaned, and it can also refer to the ever-accumulating to-do list that seems to pile up in your mind.
  2. Keep your equipment maintained
    Maintenance of all greenhouse equipment is essential to the success of the crop and in making sure you’re putting out the highest quality products. Irrigation equipment should be maintained to ensure positive results. Motors on vents and curtains should be inspected and given attention to prevent any surprises during the busiest and warmest time of year. If your equipment is well-maintained, it will run as it’s supposed to and will give you the “peace of mind” required for a successful summer season.
  3. Make sure your staff is up for the challenge
    This busy time of year means all hands on deck so it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that as you hire staff for the spring and the summer months that you hire people who are prepared for the demands of the job. The labor is very physical and can be a shock to people who have never worked in the industry. You also need staff members who are flexible and willing to take on other responsibilities that might not necessarily be a part of their everyday job to make sure you’re getting orders out and that deadlines are met. Make sure that your crew understands the expectations and that there will likely be long workdays and a lot of weekends.
  4. Communication is key
    Communication with your team is important year-round, but with an increased staff and higher demands, keeping the lines of communication leading up to and during the busy season is essential.Having regular meetings with your staff is a good way of addressing any concerns that you or your staff may have. Open communication also means taking suggestions from your staff about how things can be done more efficiently.
  5. Plan ahead for the fall
    As quickly as the busy season comes, the cooler days will be around the corner before you know it, and it’s important to be prepared so you’re not worrying as the warmer months get busier. If you or your employees notice any part of your greenhouse that needs some care, now is the time to repair or replace parts if possible as it can be more difficult to fix in the colder weather. Now is also the time to order your crop protectors or poly to make sure your structures are properly insulated. You want to have this ordered early so it’s ready to be installed as soon as the weather gets colder.
  6. Remember to relax!
    Relaxing might be the last thing on your mind when your business is preparing for the busiest time of year, but it’s something that should be prioritized. When you’re managing your staff, preparing orders and making sure to meet multiple deadlines, you have to have the energy to do so. Remember that if you don’t take the time to wind down now and then, you’ll stay wound up. While people enjoy the products they purchase from your greenhouse or retail shops in their backyards this summer, remember to indulge in a little R&R yourself!

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