10 problems every women face during pregnancy

10 problems every
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It is always better to consult a doctor to be aware of some of the uncomfortable experiences that you might encounter during your pregnancy. In order to make this easier for you, we have laid down 15 embarrassing problems that women go through during their pregnancy.

  1. Stretch Marks
    Yes, stretch marks are real. Out of every ten women, nine have to deal with the stretch marks when they are pregnant. It occurs because the elastic present in the skin stretches as you keep gaining weight during the different stages of pregnancy.
  2. Unwanted Hair Growth
    Unwanted hair growth does not imply that you will be growing hair on your chest. But, the androgen levels increase during pregnancy which can increase the amount of fuzz on your face.
  3. Belly Button Protrudes
    As your uterus will be expanding every month, it is natural for your tummy button to be pushed forward in the process. It may seem bad during your pregnancy, but it is quite natural and familiar.
  4. Varicose Veins
    During the pregnancy, your valves need to work twice as hard as it used to earlier. It could lead to swelling. It is quite common because of the placenta, growing baby, and the uterus altogether weighs down your veins.
  5. Breasts Leak
    Yes, breasts do leak during pregnancy. As your breasts are preparing itself for feeding, colostrumis produced. In the early pregnancy stages, some women may encounter leakage.
  6. Discharge Increases
    As your body has more blood flowing through it, especially near the cervix, you are very likely to encounter vaginal discharge during pregnancy.
  7. Weird Dreams
    The blood flow and oestrogen levels are high during pregnancy. It could mean scary nightmares or lusty dreams when you are asleep. It could also be because of disrupted sleep patterns as you need to use the washroom at night frequently.
  8. Acne
    Acne is another major problem that may have to deal with during pregnancy. As hormonal changes are bound to happen during pregnancy, the first and second trimesters could be bad for your skin.
  9. Hemorrhoids
    Bleeding, itchy, or swollen veins near the rectum area are common during pregnancy. It is because the veins are way more relaxed.
    Once you deliver the baby, it will go away. But during the pregnancy, it is better to consume high-fiber foods and plenty of water. Also, do not stand for too long.
  10. Leaky Bladder
    During pregnancy, you may have to deal with an unexpected leak. A cough or sneeze is enough to trigger it. When you are carrying the extra load, it is bound to pressure your bladder. Therefore, a leak is quite natural.

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